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How it works

Brandathon is a weekend-long branding hackathon where talented creatives from the worlds of design, copy and strategy compete to rebrand innovative companies, all while being mentored by iconic founders, CMOs, creative directors and angel investors.


Creatives do not know which team members they will be working with. That’s part of the magic of Brandathon: we curate the participants so that creatives and companies can just get to work. 


Over the course of the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), Brandathon creative teams will have their work critiqued and evaluated by a panel of all-star mentors with relevant industry experience. Select mentors will ultimately judge the final work of our creative teams.

Day 1

12 creatives, company, and 3 mentors converge for Brandathon, day 1.


Company, creative and mentor introduces themselves to the group.


Company will explain its mission and past brand exploration work, and share overarching brand deliverable goals for the weekend.


90 minute Q+A where creatives and mentors can ask more detailed questions about the company.


Creative teams are annouced, and Brandathon begins with roughly 48 hours on the clock.


A healthy dinner will be served.

Day 2 + 3

Ongoing development of targeted creative and media plan by each team.


Each team gives four 60-minute progress update to our mentors and company reps, and learn their feedback.


Special programing such as VR, massages, meditation and special guest speakers to keep our creatives and startup employees refreshed and excited.


Healthy lunch, snacks, beverages and dinner will be available for our company, mentors and creatives.


Enjoy a fireside chat on Saturday with a guest speaker.

Demo Day

Hundreds of attendees arrive to witness Brandathon Demo Day.


An official host greets the audience and introduces our sponsors, teams, startups and judges.


Creative teams present their final work to the audience and judges.


Judges deliberate and determine a winner. Option exists to have an audience award.


Winning creative team is announced and awarded prize of cash and gifts.


Networking cocktail hour immediately follows where guests can meet and engage with each other, judges, startups and creatives.

The Teams


Our vetted community of designers, strategists and copywriters love working

on projects they care about. Brandathon provides creatives freedom to elevate a brand where the only constraint is time

(not bureaucracy). 


We think it’s a brilliant way to challenge them in a new format that delivers real results.


Companies have bright ideas and amazing products, but in a crowded marketplace, great branding helps a startup stand out. 


Brandathon exists to solve that problem — by offering top-level creative services to select companies at an affordable price.


Brandathon fosters an ongoing network for collaboration after the weekend is complete. Connections are made, clients are won, and new projects are started.

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Your are a leading company with a product that has launched and is recognized.

You are recognized for superior talent amongst your group.

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